Who knew this would be so difficult? Autism assessment.

Well, it has been over a month since I began searching for someone to assess and diagnose my daughter for aspergers. At first, we were referred to a clinic at the children’s hospital for assessment. It sounds great! They have a whole team of therapists and doctors who see the kids and provide support. I got all of the paperwork in the mail, pages and pages of forms to fill out, plus pages and pages of copies to make to send in. I got through all of it, scanned it all and emailed it in, then called to check in and was told the wait list for her to be seen would be 12-18 months!

That is too long by! We need help now! Next I contacted the insurance company to find out what doctors or clinics would be covered. The phone call was weird! I had to go through the mental health insurance providers, they asked me all these mental health questions about her and I. Do we feel we would harm ourselves or others? (you mean like her melting down and punching me?) Anyway, it was a long weird call, at the end of the call they said they would send me a list of who they covered.

In the mean time I found a clinic through a different hospital system that assessed for autism, I made the call, got the referral sent over and then a few days later was told they couldn’t see her when I called back to check in.  When I asked why, they were cryptic and said I would have to talk to my daughters Dr. I called the doctor and it turns out this clinic doesn’t see kids over 9 and by the time we would see them she will be 10. Why couldn’t they tell me that?

So I waited for the list. I got the list in the mail, and started making calls. One had a great website, I called and was told the doctor would call me to see if he thought he would be willing to see her. He called me a day later and after asking a few questions he said he would see her. But he sounded cold, kind of pompous, not really someone I can see being therapeutic with my daughter. He said they would call me back in a month or so to schedule, I am leaving it out there just in case.

Then I called the one that had a Christian background. I was excited about this one. He sounded very nice,  again the doctor himself called me, but he sounded very hesitant, said he was about to retire and wasnt sure he wanted to get into it. I made an appt but after talking to my husband we decided this might not be the best person.

Finally, I found a clinic with many doctors and disciplines that the insurance covers! yay!!!! So I called and there is no wait list. Just the process of referral, clinical coordinator review and insurance verification. Finally we are half way there!!!!!


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