I am not alone!

Raising children with special needs is very challenging! One of the tough things is feeling isolated and alone. As you probably know if you are a special needs parent, getting out can be difficult! I feel like I am constantly on alert.
Will my child be able to handle going to the park today? Can she handle playing with another child, going to my friends house, going to the grocery store, staying home with her brother so I can go to Bible study? Lately, the answer is no.
Because of this, I tend to stay home, not have friends, not go to Bible study or lunch dates, but stay home and try to help my child learn to navigate this world successfully.
Staying home with little interaction with other moms means I have a lot of time to my own thoughts, time too stew over my childrens behavior and google! Not good. =)
So today I decided to google homeschooling and aspergers. My daughter will be evaluated soon for aspergers due to some increasing difficulty she is having. I found this wonderful, beautiful blog post from a woman who is doing just that, homeschooling a child with aspergers. What a breath of fresh air! I am not alone! Someone else is going through this! Someone else knows what it is like to wonder if there is really something challenging their child or if they just screwed them up by being a bad parent! I am not alone!
Here is a link to the post- http://simplehomeschool.net/homeschooling-aspergers/#comment-617570
I hope it can be inspirational for someone else.


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