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So, here I am in the second half of my second term of seminary. So far it's going well, I have managed to maintain a 4.0! I am not going to say it hasn't been a challenge. Managing life with kids,work, home, grad school, marriage etc. can get a bit hairy at times!

The past few months we have been dealing with some behavioral issues with my daughter. She has a few diagnosis already, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, but lately things are just more intense. I initially thought that maybe the increasing irritability was due to a concussion she sustained in February. But we took her back the doctor and they don't seem to think that is it. So, we spoke to a behavioral psychologist and are now being referred to have her assessed for autism. Of course I am googling and googling. I have suspected that she could be on the spectrum for some time now. But now that we are being referred for an evaluation of this I am really doing more research. She definitely has some characteristics that look like aspergers. I guess we will see. But I can tell you that home school has become increasingly difficult with her more frequent meltdowns and limited frustration tolerance. I am trying to remember who she belongs to, and know and trust that God has her in His hands. 

We have also been dealing with an injury in my son. He frequently sprains his ankles. Well, this last time (3 weeks ago) it looked pretty bad. We ended up finding out that he had a fracture through his growth plate on his tibia. He is supposed to keep a brace on it and NOT run or jump. That is tough for a 14 year old who is used to biking 5 miles a day and running and playing basketball every day as well. 

Then there is his tourettes, which has been getting bothersome lately as well. We have never used medication for it, but will be seeing someone soon to talk about how we can help him get better control of it. He is such a strong kid and deals with the ticks so well, but lately he is struggling with it. 

So, right now, my life consists of trying to maintain peace and organization at home, getting the kids to their many doctor appointments, working on the weekends, being a seminarian in grad school, while maintaining a home life. OH and of course focusing on God. That is the key right? To keep Him close and make sure that I am putting Him first in my life. 


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