Moving right along!

So, today I had an advising appointment on the phone. It went really well! The advisor walked me through all of the features online and explained how classes worked.
I also asked him about this thing I keep reading that one of the potential pitfalls of seminary is losing your faith. He was happy to answer my questions and reassured me that Regent takes all of this into consideration with their classes and professors. He told me that they address this in class as well.

We then went over the classes I would take. He made suggestions and explained how different schedules worked and what classes go well with what etc. One thing he told me that really made me excited was that for the residency portion, it can be an internship or a mission trip or something else. I love that there is flexibility there! He also said he went on a trip to the Holy land for his. How cool!

So, I am so excited to get started! I have to control my tendency to want to rush ahead and jump in!
There is still two and a half week to go!

Before that, I have to get the house in order and we are going to take a week trip to the beach! YAY!
A nice opportunity to relax before jumping in. =)


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