Well, this week was my first week of seminary. It has been wonderful! I am attending online at Regent University and I am just so impressed with them. My first two classes are geared towards getting to know the school and my faith. They have me building a portfolio of where I have been and where I feel God leading. There is constant emphasis on listening to the Holy Spirit. How refreshing!
One of my first assignments was to do a mini personal retreat. I was to go somewhere quiet, by myself, pray and reflect on some questions and listen to the Holy Spirit, then I was to write down what I felt He was saying.
I had a doctors appointment yesterday an hour away from home so I decided to stop at this bench overlooking the city after my appt to do my retreat.
When I arrived, there were 2 benches and a picnic table. The picnic table was taken as was the bench that had the best view. There was one bench left over to the right with a tree obscuring part of the view. I went ahead and sat down and began to reflect and pray. After about 15 min. the person at the center bench left and I contemplated moving over to it so I would have the better view. But something said to me, "This is where God placed me, so I will stay!" I continued to pray and reflect when I noticed it was starting to rain just a bit. I looked around and realized that because I was under the tree, I was able to keep dry and continue my retreat time. Had I moved to that center bench, I would have gotten quite wet!
I smiled and realized that God was teaching me that I was right where I needed to be. I realized that even though we sometimes think we know better. God always knows best if we will just listen! =)

I am so loving being in the word and God every day. With seminary I am kind of forced to do that to complete all of my assignments etc. It is such a blessing and bringing such joy to me. I wish I had taken the time to spend this much time contemplating His word before.

First day of seminary selfie!


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