Is that you Lord?

So, last week I was praying about God's will and whether this desire to go into ministry and become a missionary was His idea or mine. I asked for confirmation. Well, the next day I had to go on a several hour drive. I decided to listen to a podcast from Joyce Meyer.
I had no idea what it would be about.
Joyce started out by stating she was interviewing Joel Osteen's brother. As she began the interview she mentioned that he was involved in medical missions.......(what? this is what I want to do!)
Then as he began to speak he talked about the various paths God has taken him in his life and how it all worked together over the years to bring him to his current path of working as a surgeon and ministering to people in a third world country. He spoke of getting his medical training first and then being led to learn about the ministry part of things with his brother.
WOW! Out of all the things she could have spoke about in that podcast. Money, relationships, family, salvation on and on, she spoke about the one thing I had been praying about and asking for guidance and confirmation in.
Thank you Lord!


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