Hello and getting reacquainted!

Well hello there. I have been off the blogging thing for awhile but am ready to jump back in. I am on a new journey and I am so excited!
So, where I am right now.....well, I am mom to 6 kids, 2 step daughters who are grown, 2 biological kids who are grown and 2 kids who are 9 and 13 whom I home school.
I also have an amazing husband and I work weekends as a hospice nurse.
My day to day life consists of caring for my kids, keeping house, teaching home school, taking kids to various activities and trying to make sure I take care of myself through it all. Things can get hectic as both of my younger kids have some neuro developmental conditions. Both of my kids have dyspraxia and add. My son also has tourettes and dysgraphia and my daughter also has sensory processing disorder. As you can imagine, these things make life difficult  er...interesting.
The most of my adult life has been consumed by my kids and just dealing with what is right in front of me. I have yearned for more. I want to do more for the kingdom!

I have had a desire for missions in foreign lands for several years now. Every time they talk about a mission at church I start salivating.....=) I actually signed up once, ready to go, but in the end it just wasn't practical. I would have had to take money out of our household budget which would have made things tight and I would have had to leave my husband to take time off and be responsible for the kids while I was going, missing work.

But I feel God has put this in my heart for a reason! So, lately while I was contemplating going back to school for my masters degree I came across a Master in Divinity degree with a focus on intercultural studies. As I was reading it, it made so much sense! I had always thought when I went on a mission someday I would do so in the capacity as a nurse, a medical mission and throw some sharing of Christ in along with it as I went. But I was missing one important point. I have NO experience or background in missions from a ministry point. I know, many people go on missions with no degree and share their faith and it is AWESOME! God gives us what we need doesn't He? But as I was looking at this degree I felt a confirmation in my soul that this is what I should do!

Now there is much more to the story of course. My husband's parents both went to ministry school in their 40's. They just packed up the family and went! My husband has been prophesied over that he would have a healing ministry. But you know, life happened, kids, work, bills, etc. So he has a thriving career in manufacturing.
Lately, we are both feeling called. Like NOW is our time! We are hearing God's voice and seeing His messages daily! It is amazing!
So, I applied, enrolled in ministry school! I prayed and asked God to bless it if it is His will and things are going through so easily!
So, that is why I created this blog! Or revived it. I want to share as we go through this amazing journey. As I begin to delve deep into the word and learn through the Master of Divinity degree.
Stick around!
This is my inspiration. It is a photo of my husbands father ministering in Africa. =)


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